Priya Tendulkar Hindi Actress
  • DOB : 19-10-1954
  • Date of death: 19-09-2002
  • Star Sign : Libra
Other Skills
Priya Tendulkar (expired in 2002 due to a heart attack) who we all know as the lady on the wall in Hum Paanch, was the host this very successful talk show. The world of television today is brimming with a number of talk shows but this talk show is from an era when they were scarce or negligible. Considering this point and the passion of Priya Tendulkar for politics and social causes, the success of this show was predefined. The show was launched in the year 1994 on the prominent channel Star Plus. It was a weekly show and was aired every Friday at 8.00 p.m. Such was its popularity and Priya’s talent, that soon after its launch, it won the Screen Videocon award for the best talk show. The theme of the show was to discuss socially relevant topics that concern the common man of India and the events that were going on in the political world. Priya’s thorough knowledge about the subjects and her pleasant way of talking made hear an instant favorite host. The way she used to talk to talk common people made it clear that understood common man’s problems and was genuinely attached to them.