Leena Maria Paul born Leena Mariya is a model, TV anchor, TV actress, and Movie actress. She was cast as a Tamil rebel in the Hindi movie Madras Cafe Click to look into! >> Read More... in 2013, starring John Abraham Like some of our sexy stars, John Abraham has had >> Read More... and Nargis Fakhri Nargis Fakhri is an actress who pivotally works in >> Read More... , a Terrorism movie with a plot in which Sri Lankan terrorists try to assassinate an Indian Prime Minister. She has also acted in Malayalam films, namely, ‘ Red Chillies Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ in 2009 directed by Shaji Kailas Shaji Kailas is an Indian film director who direct >> Read More... , ‘Husbands In Goa’ in 2012 directed by Saji Surendranand, and the comedy cum action thriller movie ‘Cobra’ in 2012 that was written and directed by Lal. Leena Maria Paul reportedly hails from Angamali of Thrissur, Kerala. She grew up in Dubai, where her NRI parents and brother are still working. She is a BDS graduate, trained at Bangalore, to be a Dentist, but she was attracted by Show Biz and started out modeling. She has modeled for a matrimony website and also for Meat Products of India Limited, which is a public sector company. Later on, she has started part-time anchoring in Malayalam TV channels and also has landed bit roles in several Malayalam movies. A Kochi fashion coordinator has reportedly introduced her to the Malayalam movie field. Notable of her TV anchoring career is the one for Mother Media's ‘Snehitha’ in Amritha TV, a Malayalam TV channel. This half-hour show is woman-oriented and her appearance time is just a couple of minutes in each episode. She has reportedly drawn a salary of Rs.750 for each episode, and would shoot 10 episodes in a day, and in all she has appeared in 250 episodes of that show. She has also acted in ‘Chumma!’ English meaning: Just Fun!, another Amrita TV New Generation serial. She has reportedly suffered depression when she was anchoring a lifestyle show as the show was pulled off air because there were no more sponsors. Her live-in partner Sukesh Chandrasekhar Balaji, a school dropout two years younger than her, whom she met and fell in love when she was studying at Bangalore, reportedly helped her cope with the situation. Both of them were living in their posh South Delhi farmhouse when in May 2013 they were arrested for the alleged cheating of a bank in Chennai for Rupees 19 Crores. According to reports she had given her age as 25 when she was arrested. Again in June 2015, officials of the Economic Offense Wing swooped on them and arrested them on a 10 Crores cheating case, this time reportedly on about a thousand Mumbaiites under ‘Lion Oak India’, a firm owned by them, with a money circulating scheme.
Sucheta Pawashe Hindi Actress

Sucheta Pawashe

Sucheta Pawashe is a well known daily soap actress. She has many shows and many theatres in her career but, she is known only for some of them which include Gharana for Zee TV, Kadvee Khatti Meethi for Star One and recently she also started working with Sony channel in the show Comedy Central. She has a vibrant personality and fits in any role given to her. She is a very good person at heart and respects every type of job. Sucheta is a broadminded person and believes in working hard. Sucheta started her career with the channel, Star plus. She is a comedian and has also participated in the show, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. After this show, people started to know her in the industry, and eventually she became successful, people in the small screen, started approaching her for their daily soaps. She kicks start her career in the TV industry with the show Kadvee Khatti Meethi. This show came under the banner of the channel, Star One. Kadvee Khatti Methi telecasted its first episode on October 23, 2006. The very talented, Sachin Pilgaonkar directed this show. It was a comedy show which shows how a newly married bride struggles between her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Sucheta plays the role of the newly married bride called Madhu. It was a very successful show for Star One channel. Sucheta then worked with Sony, in the serial Karamchand. She is shown as an assistant to a detective named Karamchand. This serial ruled the DD, as the role of the detective was played by Pankaj Kapur who made his entry into the small screen after precisely twenty years. His calm attitude attracted the audience, and thus Karamchand had roaring success. The most famous dialogue from the series is “Shut up, kitty.” The show was an astonishing success, and the audience craved to watch it. Its first episode is telecasted on February 10, 2007. In this how it seems that our homegrown sherlock has bought himself a dumb assistant kitty. Karamchand is also a comedy serial and is very remarkable chemistry between the intelligent detective and the assistant. Sucheta then worked with comedy central for some episodes. Comedy Central is always one of the attention seeking shows and most watched comedy show. We can expect her in the future in more of comedy shows and series.


Swati Negi

Swati Negi is an Indian actress and model based in Mumbai. She works predominantly in Bollywood and has also done roles in short films and social awareness movies. She is someone who takes any risk for her career. Some of her famous works are “Friendzoned. . . Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai, Abnormal and Lucknow times.” Though she has given her maximum for every single movie, people often mistake her name for the O Gujariya lead actress Swati Negi. She may or may not be famous but she deserves to be one. “Friendzoned . . . Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai” was one of her works. The name might seem long, but it was just a ten-minute short film. It was a comedy drama powered by Airtel. As we all know, friend zoning is one of the most popular topics in social media. Every twenty or twenty-five year old might have crossed this stage in life. This something which we can call sentiment cum comedy type topic. And here the film speaks about friend zoning, but in a different way. What if you were friend zoned by someone like you do for others. This movie shows the possibilities of a chain reaction in friend zoning. Still, it takes things in a very light way without hurting one's feelings. The film was directed by Director Ashish Rampal and was a huge success as expected. Swati Negi contribution also makes a great difference to the film. During the time of the shooting she made friends with her co-stars Ashmita Kaur Bakshi, Pankh Gaur, Gaurav Ail and Kunal Sharma who played the lead roles in the film. She's someone who wants to do everything differently. Her brave side is visible through her role in the short film “Abnormal.” It was a story of a young girl who figures out her sexuality. In this Indian society where homosexuality is still considered this movie shows us the other side of homosexuals we never know. The problems faced by them, the psychological pressure and so on. She has acted in the movie under the direction of Director Swati Semwal along with her co-stars Himika Basu and Raj Bhansali. She has also done supporting roles in some movies, and one such movie is Lucknow Times. The movie was a Bollywood movie released in 2016. It was directed by Sudipto Sen. The movie was a political thriller and Swati had the chance to work with Divya Dutta, Subratt Datta and Vikash Om Prakash who were the lead actors of the movie.

Swati Negi Hindi Actress