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Gachui Homring

Other names of Gachui Homring: Gauchi Homring
Gachui Homring Hindi Actress
A Manipuri girl who has modelled and is currently a part of ongoing television series Sadda Haq >> Read More... – My Life My Choice being aired on Channel V.

Gachui Homring is a Manipuri model and actress who has gained success in Indian television industry. She is a part of the television series Sadda Haq - My Life My Choice which is being telecasted on V Channel. It is a Beyond Dreams production. Homring is very passionate about her career as an actress. She is 24 years old and she is playing the role of Kausthuki in the television series Sadda Haq – My Life My Choice. Her co-stars in the series are Sanyukta Agarwal and Chirag Desai Chirag Desai is an Indian film and television seri >> Read More... who is playing the role of Jiggy. Sanyukta Agarwal is playing the role of Harshgita Gaur in the series and she has been widely appreciated by critics and viewers. Gachui Homring is also gaining support and appreciation of viewers because of her acting skills.

In her personal life, it is rumoured that she is currently dating her Sadda Haq co-star Chirag Desai. The chemistry of these co-stars is also creating magic at the television series. Chrag Desai is a senior actor of Homring and according to her, he is her best friend but she denies that anything romantic is going on in between the two co-stars of Sadda Haq.

Another version of this bio... 

Gachui Homring, about 24 and standing 5’ 4” tall is a Television actress, who hails from Manipur. She is very passionate about acting and is also an active and charming girl. She is currently seen as Kausthuki in the Beyond Dreams show "Sadda Haq - My Life My Choice" on Channel V. 

According to sources, Homring is currently dating Chirag Desai, who is her co-star of Sadda Haq - My Life My Choice. They share a strong bond, both off-screen and on-screen too. When questioned, the actress said that, "Well, Chirag is a very good friend of mine. He is senior to me and is very supportive when it comes to helping me out. But that does not mean that we are dating. He is a special friend, but there is nothing more than that". Sadda Haq on Channel V is rolling out as one of the best TV series. Now the sweet girl Homring has entered the show as Kausthuki. 

A reliable source tells us that the 'good friends' equation that exists presently between Jiggy and Kausthuki will have a new flavour when Jiggy will first fall for the girl. Kausthuki will also give in and accept his love in due course of time. The creative team is also planning to give a makeover of sorts to Jiggy and this will indeed make the viewing even more interesting. According to the latest buzz, Chirag and Homring who essay the characters share a unique bonding off-screen too. They are always seen together and enjoy great chemistry even off-camera. There is a nice equation running between them.