Birthday: 24-12-1998
Age: 20
Star sign: Capricorn

Eisha Singh was born on 24th of November in 1998. She is only 18 years of age, but already she has left her mark in the Television Industry. She has not yet launched her as an actress in Bollywood, but she has done a film under the production of actor John Abraham. Her birth place is Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. In 2015, Eisha made her debut on TV. She first acted in a daily soap on Colors TV Channel. The name of the serial was Ishq ka rang Safed. The serial ran for a year from 2015 to 106. In that time Eisha became a very popular actress. She was the favorite actor of the show.

Eisha is beautiful, and so is her acting. She did not appear to be a debutant. She acted like a pro, as If she was attached to this industry for a long time. Her second serial was aired on Zee TV, which is one of the most popular channels in India. The name of her daily soap was Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani. It received good response from the viewers. Eisha was again a favorite actor in this show. People used to chant her name and praise her acting. In the earlier serial Ishq Ka Rang Safed, her co-actor was M. Raheja. Then in her second serial her co-actor was S. Gill. The second serial is still running, and it started from 2016.

She is very good looking. She was the winner of the Miss Teen Madhya Pradesh in the year 2013 mainly because of her attitude and personality. At the time of winning the award, she was only 15 years of age. We don’t call her popular for no reason. She has won awards for the two serials that she has acted in. In the year 2016, she won the Golden Petal Awards for her debut in the serial Ishq Ka Rang Safed.

She even won the Zee Rishtey Award for being the best daughter among all the daughters acting. Originating from Bhopal, her father is a very big businessman. She did not have any monetary problems ever. Even her mother is the owner of a play school. She is not the only son of her parents. She has a younger brother whose name is R. Singh. The name of her father is Pankaj Singh, and the name of her mother is Rekha Singh. She comes from a very rich background.

Gayatri Shastri

Gayatri Shastri is a TV actress who got recognition after her role as Parvati in the television serial 'Om Namah Shivay' which aired on DD National. The series was mythological drama featuring the divinity Lord Shiva had with other Hindu Gods such as Brahma, Vishnu, Indra, and others. The title of the serial came from the Hindu mantra 'Aum Namah Shivaya.’ Actor Dheeraj Kumar directed the series,  based on the screenplay by Darshal Laad and dialogues by Vikas Rathi. Gayatri Shastri played the role as Shakti/Parvati while Yashodhan Rana played the role of Kama Deva/Shiva. Reports suggest that while enacting their roles of Shiva and Parvati, Rana and Gayatri got engaged and hoped to tie the knot in real life too. Whether it was a publicity stunt or not, only production manager of the serial could say. This rumor helped to gain better TRPS for the serial. The serial had 209 episodes and aired in 1997. Later on, the TV series released in a video format in different languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi. The mythological charm of the serial for Hindu religion was enhanced by the pairs relation in a human lie, the characters and story cast a spell on the viewers which kept them glued to their screens. But then after the premiere of Doordarshan’s extremely popular Om Namah Shivay, the two TV artistes instantly tied the knot against the wishes of their respective families. Their marriage only worked for eight years. Reports suggest that another heroine came in the life of actor Yashodhan Rana, and this girl created a rift between the couple.  But the actor confirmed the news as false. Rana and Gayatri got married in 2001, and the actress kept her few assignments down south, and this kept the actress busy. It is said her jobs down south kept the couples apart and this caused a split in their marriage.

Gayatri Shastri Hindi Actress