Anand Mani Hindi Actor
Other Skills

Anand Mani is an Indian television actor who is mostly known for his role in the Star Plus soap opera, ‘’ where he plays the role of Bajinder Singh alias Bhola. This was his first major role on television serials, and he has not been active after the show ended. He is to be noted for his muscular and awe-inspiring figure.

In the show, he plays the role of Bhajinder Singh, or Bhola, who is a father figure and a protector to some of the characters. He sees Rajshri as his own mother and can do anything for her. He also accompanies Akshara whenever she goes out and acts as her bodyguard, protecting her like he would his sister. In the show, he is a ‘Pehlwan’, literally translated as a wrestler. Bhola’s sentimental and emotional nature was an essential pivot on which the show turned.

The actor received praise for his acting skills, but he has not featured in any other major role on television since then. The actor also received some negative reviews from critics for his acting skills. There were some comments about the actors ‘unrefined’ acting skills, but he failed to respond to the comments.