Mahendra Ghule

Other names of Mahendra Ghule: Mahendra Ghuleas Bhim

Mahendra Murlidhar Ghule was born in 1970. He is a 45-years’-old actor residing currently in Mumbai. His hometown being Pune, Ghule had completed his higher secondary education from Loyola High School, Pune. Later, he pursued his graduation in the University of Mumbai. In spite of being a less-publicized actor, Ghule has played a significant role in the 1990s’ television screen. He starred as Bhim in the renowned television series, ‘ Krishna Krishna is a Tamil television serial and film acto >> Read More... ’, created by Ramanand Sagar Ramanand Sagar is an Indian filmmaker, director, a >> Read More... . It was first televised nation-wide on Doordarshan. The sitcom was based on the life of Krishna, a Hindu God, and it had received a very good response from its large viewership. Mahendra Ghule has illustrated the character of Kumbhakaran in Jai Hanuman Jai Hanuman is an Indian TV series which shows the >> Read More... , another television series inspired by the Hindu mythology.

The story of the serial revolves around the memoirs of Hanuman, a Hindu God. It was first aired in 1997, on Doordarshan, and was later broadcasted on Sony Entertainment, in 2008. The television series, Vishnu Puran, has included Ghule in its storyline by employing him as three different characters – Kumbhakarna, Vijaya and Hiranyaksha. This establishes his diverse acting skills and immense talent. Vishnu Puran was directed by B. R. Chopra, and it received a hearty reaction from Lord Vishnu devotees. Even though Mahendra Ghule had once shone on the Indian small screen; he has yet to make it to the Bollywood silver screen. The only movie that saw him in its cast was a Marathi movie titled, Swarajya… Marathi Paul Padte Phude.

The film was released on 11th November 2011. The plot hung around a man’s struggle to overcome the prejudice against his community by highlighting his profession. The debutant directors Vishal-Vihar and the Raees Lashkariya productions put a commendable amount of effort into making the film. Mahendra Ghule does not play a major role in the film. The movie has received a good review and was recommended for its dialoguing. All in all, Mahendra Ghule has done three television series and one movie.

Manav Verma

Manav Verma, a young talent from Jammu & Kashmir, became a popular face in India’s daily life after his lead roles in the primetime Indian television seriesTu Mera Hero and Betaab Dil Ki Tammana Hai. The industry was no new genre for him as he is the nephew of famous Bollywood actor and now politician Raj Babbar and cousin of Prateik & Arya Babbar. Even after coming from a well reputed Bollywood family, Manav did some struggle before starting his career while being part of Nadira Babbar’s theatre group for four years before being cast as one of the leads characters in Betaab Dil Ki Tammana Hai as Veeru airing on Sony TV and produced by television’s most renowned production house, Balaji Telefilms, but he was replaced by Karan Kundra in the lead role. Manav then bagged the role of Keshav in the Star Plus show Tu Mera Hero where he received accolades for his performance. Manav also believes in transforming Indian television industry but believes that writers are forced to follow the stereotypes and supports the need for innovation in Indian television industry. In an interview with TellyBuzz, he said, “I firmly believe that one thing that is lacking in our industry, is the lack of recognition that should be given to the script writers and other members who make the show possible. The entire concentration is focused on few people and hence, the writers are forced to follow stereotype and focus on the few, rather than telling a story. When experiments are done, the viewership turns down. It becomes like a vicious cycle, where the viewers only accept certain kind of stories, which force the team to produce certain types of shows. I believe that there is a lot of talent in the industry waiting for the right kind of shows to be backed up.” Manav also showcased his talent in the film industry with creditable roles in Chaloo Movie INC (2011) and Sikka(2015).

Manav Verma Hindi Actor