Abhinav Paatekar

Other names of Abhinav Paatekar: Abhinay Paatekar

Abhinav Paatekar is an Indian film actor and dancer, popular amongst the audience for work in movies like Jugaad (2016) and Sharma (Dry State Diaries). Mostly known for his involvement in Bollywood movies and TV shows in Hindi, this young lad has had a short stint on the silver screen so far and has a lot to gain in the coming years.

Born on 21st September 1986, Abhinav spent the initial years of his career working as a professional dancer. In 2016, he made a mark on the silver screen as an actor, when he featured in Mayur Vaishnav’s comedy film Jugaad, also starring Nagesh Bhosle, Priya Gamre Priya Gamre is a well known Marathi actress. She i >> Read More... Priya Gamre , and Sunil Godabole alongside him. After his appearance in the documentary Sharma (Dry State Diaries), we haven’t seen much of him on the big screen.