Saniya Choudhary Hindi Actress
Other Skills
    - Supporting Actress

Saniya Choudhary is an Indian film actress, popular amongst the regional audience for her work in movies like Ok Mein Dhokhe (2018). Mostly known for her supreme involvement in Hindi short films, TV series, dramas, theatres, and Kollywood movies, Saniya has been a prominent part of the South Indian film industry for more than five years now.

The year 2016 was a vital one for Saniya as she made her first decisive contribution on the silver screen as an actress with the dramatic thriller film Ok Mein Dhokhe, starring Chinni Chetan Chinni Chetan is an Indian choreographer, and acto >> Read More... Chinni Chetan and Sapna Krishna alongside her. Over the years, Saniya has often been admired and applauded by numerous critics and spectators for her exceptional skills as an on-screen artist, especially her spontaneity and expressiveness.