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Aditi Raval

Aditi Raval is a self-made name in the Indian Film Industry who used to be a Radio Jockey before stepping foot in the film Industry. Aditi completed her studies from the R.J Jibrewal Commerce College with the degree of Bachelor in Commerce. She got admission in the college through sports scholarship and was the volleyball captain of her team. She always had a streak for sports in her life. Her father had his hands in the cotton business, and Aditi used to help him with it from a very early age of thirteen years. She always wanted to be independent, so she helped him in return of pocket money. The lady started her career with Divya Bhaskar, when she auditioned for the Radio Jockey’s job. She got selected and joined the radio channel as an outdoor broadcaster. Aditi was the only one with no experience. Hence, she found it difficult to adjust at first, but slowly she learned all the nuances of radio and got a prime time spot on the channel. She worked for the channel 94.3 MY FM in 2007. It was a one year job, and then she moved to 93.5 Red FM where she worked for the next eight years. Her workstation had its base in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. Aditi always wanted to do something big, and in an attempt towards it, she left her eight years old job as it doesn’t have any scope for personal growth. She wanted to explore other options in social media marketing and move towards the film industry. Being a movie buff, she started a blog to review a film which she even used to do while working for the radio. She also opened up a creative media consultancy which works into live shows, concerts, functions, promotional activities, and events. The company is open for brand collaborations and consultancy also. She worked at the Panorama Studios in Gujarat as a supervising producer. Her company hosted the event titled Laughter unplugged which was a charity event in Ahmadabad. Promoting Gujarati films through promotions is also one of the aims of Aditi as she feels that they lack publicity even after being the product of intensive hard work and dedication. She introduced the first selfie workshop in India and also organized the #Showcase Uttarayan Campaign which got promoted on the international platform for the first time. It was a big success for her and the creative media team.