Farrukh Jaffar is an Indian actress, popularly recognized for featuring in Bollywood movies like Peepli (Live) (2010), Sultan (2016) and Swades (2004). Born and brought up in a family of zamindars in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh, Jaffar is now mostly referred to as ‘ Amma,’ as a tribute to the character she played in Peepli (Live) alongside Amir Khan. Lucknow became her permanent home after she married the late freedom fighter Muhammed Jaffar, who was also a member of the Legislative Council from the Indian National Congress. After settling in the capital of UP, she pursued her graduation from Lucknow University and started working for All India Radio.

Farrukh always had a zeal for acting and used to attend renowned director Ebrahim Alkazi’s workshops after her shifts, who also gave her a role in one of his Urdu plays. Muzaffar Ali’s art film Umrao Jaan (1981) marks Farrukh’s first notable contribution in the film industry, where she played Rekha’s mother. The list of her superhit films is quite long, which notably includes critically acclaimed movies like Swades (2004), ‘Amma Ki Boli,’ ‘Barefoot to Goa.’ The Amir Khan starrer musical drama ‘ Secret Superstar’ happens to be the latest project that Farrukh has been a part of as an actress.