Anu Chawla is an Indian actress. A majority of her works belong to the Bengali language films. She starred in an Indian movie by the name Junoon-Once Upon A Time in Kolkata which is a story against the backdrop of the city of Kolkata. The movie Junoon- Once Upon A Time in Kolkata, is about Nandini Ghosh, who is the Chief news reporter of a news network.

The channel’s Managing director is a top-level communist leader. An employee working for the channel named Bibha becomes friends with Nandini who has her selfish motive due to which she maintained closeness with the MD. Kolkata University’s student union president, Som Deb, goes missing after arrest by police officials for sedition.

Nandini and Bibha reveal his real patriotic streak to the world. On the other hand, the MD wishes to spread communism in the country, for which he supplies ammunition to Naxals, arranges financial support from nations for the same, and involves himself in many such illegal activities. With all of this is going on, the time for elections approaches and the communists began finding it hard to win as the atrocities faced by the people due to Naxal movements have turned them against communists.

Nandini, who is also a victim of communist triggered violence wishes to destroy communism from the country. She receives support from various people including a brothel owner, who encourages her to utilize her education and the power of being a woman in making the men bend in front of her.

The cast of the movie includes various actors like Hansi Parmar, Naina Mandol, Ritesh Raghuvanshi, Alia Khan, Vinod Mowgli, and Anu Chawla. The director of the film in Kumar Aadarsh and it hit the theatres in the year 2017 in May. Her acting abilities received appreciation and applause from the audience and she put her head, heart and soul into her character.

Apart from acting, Anu Chawla is also an astrologer. She has strong and opinionated views about the importance of women in society and how they are the pillars of strength. She believes that women have a lot of role in shaping society and should be celebrated each day. Her ideologies are reflected in her selection of movies as is clear from her film Junoon- Once Upon a Time in Kolkata which talks about how the protagonist Nandini gathers strength to fight the communism dominant society.