Vikram Gogoi is a multi-talented actor who is showing his talent in some of the leading series and movies. He has been known by his talent which he showed in one of his movies named III Smoking barrels which released in 2017. The story of III Smoking barrels shows the anthology of three different stories from northeast India and each one of them have something unique to be explored. This movie was officially selected for screening at National as well as International places of Film Festivals across the world like Durban International Film Festival of South Africa, Folly Film Festival of Bulgaria, Mexico International Film Festival, International Film Festival of Kerala and many more. It has won many awards like Silver Palm Award, Young Jury Award & Prag Cine Awards for best music, best film in other languages, best make-up and many more. 

Vikram is also a good singer and his voice is loved by many spectators. People say that he is one of a kind and talented gem that film industry has been gifted with. Some of his songs names are Maa, Naajaane, Kyaa and Sailor.