Shariq Ashraf is a former Indian actor who has been a child artist in the past. He was born in the year 1986 in the city of Bombay. He was born to Tahera Ashraf and Jamshaid Ashraf. He also has a brother named Shayan. His father, Jamshaid Ashraf, is a BJP minister and ex-minister of the state of Bihar. Shariq Ashraf has studied in many elite educational institutes. He completed his Bachelor’s in Business Management from Singapore Management University.

He completed his undergrad in the year 2007. Later, he completed his MBA from the University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom. He completed his masters in the year 2010. In the year 1996, he was an actor on the Indian television show Mrityunjay. The show used to run on the DD National Channel.

Shariq Ashraf was 10 years old while he was acting on the show. He played the character of Dushasana on the show. Mrityunjay was produced by Shariq’s father, Jamshaid Ashraf.

The show was based on a Marathi novel written by Shivaji Sawant and was based on Mahabharat’s Mythology. After this show, Shariq decided to quit acting and continue his studies. Currently, he is the founder of The Good Life Company, a luxury tea company. He has also founded Panella Foods and Beverages Private Limited.