Pavail Gulati Hindi Actor
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Pavail Gulati is a young rising star in the Indian film and drama industry. Pavail Gulati comes from Delhi. His father was a famous documentary filmmaker and his mother belonged from the medium of radio, where she was also a producer. Initially, he did not get much recognition and response from the gurus in the Indian film and drama industry. He was seen in a very brief role in the horror movies named Hide and Seek. After that, he appeared in the serial named Yudh as the son of Amitabh Bachchan. The role of young actor Pavail Gulati, in this serial has become the biggest source of confidence rising for the young upcoming star. He has accredited the improvement in his work and performance totally to the guidance and support of Amitabh Bachchan.

Pavail Gulati has got the formal training of acting from the film school, where he has received guidance from the great teacher and mentor Naseeruddin Shah Naseeruddin Shah is an experimental actor and asso >> Read More... Naseeruddin Shah . According to Pavail, he has got a simply unforgettable experience after learning from Naseeruddin Shah. This learning has been very helpful for him by boosting his confidence especially, while working with Amitabh Bachchan. His selection to play this role in this drama serial Yudh has been a great source of excitement for him. In fact, this is just the beginning for the young rising star. Pavail Gulati has opened new ways for him by delivering the best of his acting skills in this serial. This serial could be the gateway for his career and will help him out in opening new horizons and new perspectives in future.