Chrissy Chambers was born on 5 October in the year 1990. She is a famous singer mainly known for her works along with her partner Bria Kam, who together are known as BriaAndChrissy. She was born in Atlanta in Georgia. They both are most famously known for acting and singing through their channels.

Their great Youtube channels are Lesbian Love and another name with their own names as BriaAndChrissy. They are also known for comedy skits and providing social awareness about same-sex couples and lesbianism. They are known for appearing in many magazines, gave many important interviews that ended up in answering many questions about controversial topics like same-sex marriage and lesbian couples, also many videos on Youtube about pop culture and famous celebrities. They ruled many news sites like BuzzFeed recently in the year 2014. They also played a cameo in the music video of the famous singer Demi Levato in her song video of song Really Don’t Care which received most views on the Youtube site. They also appeared on the song cover of the song Blown Away. They became the most viewed same-sex couple on the Youtube in the year 2014.

Recently they released their first video song in the year 2014. The song name was Take Me To Heaven, which was from their Face your Fears music album. Chrissy Chambers has also done many roles in many films recently. She played the role of Amanda in the film Angry Kelly in the year 2014, the role of Emily in the film Obsessive Reaction in the year 2013, the role of Ashby in the movie Bad Girl in the year 2013, the role of Angela in the movie Mumbai Connection in the year 2011, the role of Kitty in the movie Plus One in the year 2013.