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Lana Michele Moorer

Other names of Lana Michele Moorer: MC Lyte

Lana Michele Moorer, better known as MC Lyte, is a versatile and exceptional female rapper who has garnered fame for her music. She is the only woman who received the title of first in many categories. Born on October 11, 1970, in New York City, she attended George Wingate High School in Brooklyn and later pursued higher education at Hunter College. Since her childhood, Lana has been passionate about singing and rapping, and her mother played a pivotal role in her success by taking her to a Broadway show that always fascinated her. At the age of 12, she began her career by recording her debut song, “I Cram to Understand U(Sam).” 

Hip-hop has always been a male-dominated industry, but MC Lyte completely changed the scenario. She is cited as a hip-hop pioneer and often called the “Queen of Rap.” In 1988, she released her debut album, “Lyte as a Rock,” becoming the first solo woman rapper to release a full album, and then she released her second album named “Eyes on This.” She also released numerous hit Singles, including “Self-Destruction” as a member of the supergroup Stop the Violence. “Poor Georgie,” “Ruffneck” and “You Want This.” Her single Keep On, Keepin’ On, featuring Xscape, helped her reach the top ten on Billboard in 1996. During her journey as a rapper, she met with several famous and successful rappers in the industry, such as Montell Jorden, Missy Elliott, Mary J. Blige, and many more.

After realizing her worth, she relentlessly worked hard, hoping to reach higher and higher in her career. In 1991, Lyte performed on Yo Unplugged Rap, the first MTV show to feature rap artists and her performance was praised by the entire audience. She also participated in the “The Greatest Rap Show Ever” concert at Madison Square Garden- Naughty by Nature. In 2016, she performed at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, captivating the audience with her unmatched talent.

Lana is a role model for many and has always strived for the best. She became the first female hip-hop artist to perform at the White House, a remarkable achievement. She received a Gold Certification from the Recording Industry of America. In 2004, she was nominated for the highest honorary “Grammy Award” for the Best Female Rap Solo Performance for her song “Ride Wit Me.” She was also awarded the W.E.B. Du Bois Medal, and later received “The Trail Blazer Award.” Lyte has received the I Am Hip-Hop Icon Lifetime Achievement Award, a testament to her remarkable talent and dedication to the music industry.

In addition to her music career, she has worked as a voiceover artist, writer, and DJ operator at various events. She made her film debut in 1993 with the movie “Fly by Night.” and starred in other films such as Train Ride, A Luv Tale, and the short movie “Break Up In Love.” As an entrepreneur, she started her own Los Angeles-based clothing and boutique venture named “Shaitel” and is the founder of a global enterprise, “Sunni Gyri Inc.”

MC Lyte is described as one of the most prolific and well-respected females, an ideal who has achieved great heights in her life and is continuously working towards the best. She is a very kind and generous person who has worked with several charities and is active in many social projects. Lana has her foundation called “Hip Hop Sisters” and is seen as a part of several campaigns, always striving to make the world a better place. She is a member of the Board of Trustees and a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. MC Lyte’s unwavering dedication to her craft and boundless talent have earned her worldwide recognition, and she continues to inspire many with her music and philanthropic work.



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