Yasir Akhtar is a famous Pakistani singer, whose talent was first praised when he was of four years and first appeared in ‘Beyond the Last Mountain’ which is Jayed Jabbar’s Motion Picture. As a child artist, he worked in many TV commercials and joined college theatre, but his career started taking a direction when he worked for a TV serial Dastak, by Shehzad Khalil. 

Later, he formed a musical band, with his college friends and named it as ‘Arid Zone’. This band soon gained popularity. Yasir gained love from his fans after launching his audio albums like ‘Laut aao na’, ‘Tu jo mujh se mili’, etc. In early age of 20 to 21 years, Yasir directed ‘ Milan Milan was a popular Hindi TV serial that aired on >> Read More... Milan ’, his first music video. This video was immensely praised and liked by Ghaznafar Ali, the Executive Director of Combined Studio to such an extent that Yasir got an offer for a music programme to direct which was a great achievement for him.
Yasir was soon famous, when he worked for MCC where he directed 7080 music videos for 50 episodes. 

Yasir started Pegasus Productions in 1995, which was his own production company. He even started series of telefilms called Tapaal, which garnered warm reviews from critics. Furthermore, he went on to direct Zeher, the award wining movie which received well both appreciation and acceptance. 

Yasir has recently released his third album ‘My Love’ with three other videos like Chann mahi as well as Sanam. Yasir himself directs his music videos. Even he travelled Egypt to shoot his other two videos ‘Betaab’ as well as ‘Chanchal’, as for Yasir, it has some Arabic touch which will be well expressed with the pyramids and the locale of Egypt.