Ever wonder which actress carries a pilot’s license? You all will be surprised it is Tanya Mallik. Tanya Mallik, a successful commercial pilot in the U.S., was seen to play a role in a Bollywood flick “ Karle Pyaar Karle,” directed by Suneel Darshan. When Suneel Darshan wanted to make the film as a launching pad for his son Shiv Darshan, he found Tanya as an ideal and gifted actress to be cast opposite his son. That is how this actress made her debut in Bollywood.

This model-turned-actress was born in Hyderabad and brought up in Mumbai and Delhi. She always wanted to become an actor. She drew her inspiration from Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and fulfilled her dream in’ Karle Pyaar Karle’. She is also trained in physical fitness and yoga. Tanya also has been the author of various articles in magazines related to health, fitness and motivation. This actress is also a fitness nutritionist. This beautiful model-turned-actress had literally taken up commercial pilot training from Arizona. Later on, she also took up acting classes at the Barry John Acting Studio situated in New Delhi. It is said that even Shah Rukh Khan’s apprenticeship with Barry was like a magnet that attracted many youngsters to come in the acting studio and learn acting courses. She has been quite confident that she would not play any erotic and intimate sequences, otherwise she could have been easily someone like Sunny Leone. She is also a philanthropist and a social entrepreneur running Indriya Healing Center with her mother, Preeti Mallik. Through this project, she had helped Uttarakhand victims. Through this project, she helped many victims not only financially but even psychologically.

 Her family has a diversified blend of north Indian and south Indian culture, and she feels proud of it. For her philanthropic activities, this actress received ‘ High Achieving Women’s” award by Maharashtra government in 2012. Actress Tanya Mallik is indeed is talented, gutsy and even fearless and enjoys every role she handles in her life.
Tanvi Verma Hindi Actress

Tanvi Verma

Tanvi Verma is an Indian model and Bollywood actress. She was a beauty queen in a fashion contest that was held Madhya Pradesh. Her beauty queen image allowed her to fetch many assignments as a model, but she was crazy to become a film star. This star was a discovery of K C Bokadia, who made popular masala movie in Bollywood. She got her first offer in a film of K. C. Bokadia titled Bold, which was released in 2006. She also starred in the movie’ Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga’, which made her quite popular in the young audience. Being a model, she took extreme steps in appearing as a sexy girl with her costumes in bold scenes. She was indeed B-town divas, who did not taste much success in Hindi film industry in spite of her willingness to expose her skin on screen. She raised eyebrows with her scorching lovemaking scenes, but as her films did not become a box-office spinner, she almost faded away. Though K C Bokadia introduced her, it did not do anything to gain her prospect in cinema. She even tried to give a bold new avatar with her sexy scenes before the camera. Her lack of acting talent had hindered her progress as a successful star. Well, exposing was not a problem for this star, but the fact that she made her scenes boring she did not have a future as an actor. What Sunny Leone or Sherlyn Chopra or even Mallika Sherawat has achieved for their bold outlook, she failed to achieve. Maybe, she came to the cinema too early and had not acted in any Mahesh Bhatt film. K C Bokadia gave her a neat role as a girl (in movie Bold) who refuses to marry a business tycoon as she loves a civil engineer, later she becomes a victim of love between her husband and the tycoon. The film was a disaster and her next film Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga was a total disaster. Later on, she got offers to act in Telugu cinema and has faded away into oblivion. Nobody knows what she is doing and where she is now.