Seema Parihar is an Indian politician and film actress, who was formerly a fearsome bandit. She was born at the dawn of New Year on 1st January 1970 in Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh in a financially poor family. At the tender age of thirteen, she was kidnapped by local dacoits, Kusuma Nian and Lala Ram, from her village of Bawine in U.P. However, she got involved in the crime business and became a bandit herself. At sixteen, she was married off to Nirbhay Singh Gujjar, another dacoit, but soon returned to her gang and rose to the rank of its leader. She committed the heinous crimes of looting, kidnapping and killing people, predominantly those living in and around the Bihand forest and along the coasts of Chambal River.

She kidnapped hundreds and killed dozens of people in eighteen years before surrendering to the Uttar Pradesh police in June 2000. She was imprisoned, and a total of twenty-nine charges were pressed against her, including six for kidnapping and eight for murder. This did not prevent the world of greedy Indian politics from using her to their advantage as in 2001 she started being approached by several parties to become a face of their banners to gather support from the masses. Parihar complied by showing her favor to the Shiv Sena Party in the 2002 Legislative Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. She later joined the Indian Justice Party in November 2006 as its candidate for 2007 Lok Sabha elections in the combined region of Mirzapur and Bhadohi.

She switched to Lok Janshakti Party at the beginning of 2008 but was acquired for her services by the Samajwadi Party in October of the same year. By the end of that year, she received bail for fourteen of the twenty nine cases against her and was acquitted for the rest fifteen. The National Corruption Eradication Council appointed her as the head of the women’s wing in 2011. Her recovery from a dark past and efforts in reshaping it into a bright future were given a voice in the critically acclaimed Bollywood movie “Wounded: The Bandit Queen” (2007). Seema played the role of the lead actress in the film and unfolded her real-life story herself. Before its official release, the film was honored with the Critics’ Award in 2005 at the Leicester Expo Bollywood Film Festival. Seema also appeared as a participant in the fourth season of Colors TV’s popular reality show “ Bigg Boss Show Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... Bigg Boss ” (2006).