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Nisha Parulekar Hindi Actress

Nisha Parulekar

Nisha Parulekar is a Marathi film actress. She was born on 19 September 1974, in Mumbai. She completed her Higher Secondary Education from AFAC English School. She went to Swami Vivekanand Institute of Technology in Chembur. She is a graduate in Engineering. Later, she started working at a firm. Soon, she got married to Suresh Bangera and conceived a daughter named Mayuri. It is interesting to know that she never thought about becoming an actress. In fact, she began her acting career after her marriage. Nisha's career in acting was a matter of chance. Her debut role was in turtur in which she played an insignificant role. Despite its banality, it opened the gates of Marathi cinema for her. She starred in numerous Marathi movies which include Parees, Janmantar, Dandit, Prime Time, Ye Re Ye Re Paisa, Hari Om Vithala, Maher hi Vaat and many more. Nisha is best known for her role in Teen Bayka Fajiti Aika which is a Marathi comedy film released on 23 March 2012. She played the role of Prajakta in the comedy. In 2015, she played the character of Vatsala Naik, wife of Vasantrao Naik, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra in Mahanayak Vasant tu, a biopic. She was vastly admired for the role. Nisha also played a role in Zari which is a women-oriented movie based on the dilemma of the Adivasi females. When asked about her choice of characters, she claims that she prefers roles which challenge her and help her develop as an actor. The actress played the part of Mainavati, Parvati's mother in the show, Ganpati Bappa Moreya. The role was negative and came as a huge challenge for her. When asked about her preference among television and film, the actress complains about the long, and tiring hours of shooting for a daily soap. The movie actress in her always prefers cinema over television. In 2017, she contested for the Mumbai Municipal Corporation elections from Ward No. 9 as a member of the Bhartiya Janata Party. But, she lost the elections by a margin of four-hundred votes. Thus, her political career ended even before it started. But, Nisha's acting career has taken her to the peak of Marathi cinema making her one of the most popular Marathi actresses.