Tushar Khanna is an actor and assistant director in the Indian television industry. In 2017 Tushar appeared in Piyaa Albela Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... Piyaa Albela , which premiered on Zee TV. Sooraj Barjatya Sooraj Rajkumar Barjatya, also known as Sooraj Bar >> Read More... Sooraj Barjatya has conceptualized the entire drama. However, Rahul Modi Rahul Modi is an Indian Screenwriter and a Creativ >> Read More... Rahul Modi inscribed every scene of the theater. Toton Karmakar served as the director of Piyaa Albela. Raghvendra Singh Raghvendra Singh is a well-known Indian writer, sc >> Read More... Raghvendra Singh , , and Fatema Rangila Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Fatema Rangila had enlisted their names as creative directors. The prominent cast members of this drama include Akshay Mhatre Akshay Mhatre Is An Indian Television Actor Hailin >> Read More... Akshay Mhatre as Naren Vyas, Veer Bhanushali Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Veer Bhanushali as young Naren, Sheen Das as Pooja Mehra, Akshay Mhatre as Angraj Vyas, Kanwarjit Paintal Kanwarjit Paintal, started his career with comic r >> Read More... Kanwarjit Paintal as Kashinath Vyas, Avinash Wadhawan Avinash Wadhwan is a Popular Indian Film and Telev >> Read More... Avinash Wadhawan as Harish Vyas Harish Vyas, a fine arts graduate, is an Indian wr >> Read More... Harish Vyas , Ankit Hs Vyas as Rahul Vyas, Tushar Khanna as Mayank Kaushal, Jyoti Gauba Jyoti Gauba is an actress, well known for her role >> Read More... Jyoti Gauba as Supriya Vyas and so on.

The story of this series is about Naren, who was on a path to lead a spiritual life. To change him, his mother introduced Naren to Pooja, hoping that Naren would agree to get married. The scenes of Piya Albela Piya Albela is a modern love story of Meghana and >> Read More... Piya Albela came into consideration when Naren gradually fell for her and married her. But here, the story does not end. The antagonists of this drama never let Naren and Pooja lead a happy married life. Apart from being an actor, Tushar Khanna also worked in the second unit department of the movie The Last Color, which came out in 2021.

It is an Indian featured film that portrays the drawbacks of Indian culture. Indian-American Chef Vikas Khanna has directed the movie. The Last Color shows the taboo that widows are not allowed to play with colors; to be a particular widow can't play Holi. Jitendra Mishra, Bindu Khanna Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Bindu Khanna , and Poonam Kaul worked in the production department. Neena Gupta Neena Gupta is a very popular and well-known figur >> Read More... Neena Gupta played the lead character Noor. With her Rudrani Chettri as Anarkali, Aqsa Siddiqui as Chhoti, Rajeswar Khanna as Chintu, Aslam Sheikh Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Aslam Sheikh as Raja, Neha Garg Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Neha Garg as Rekha Saxena, Princy Sudhakaran as Chhoti, and Vajid Ali as Chintu also acted in it.