Shiv Kumar

Other names of Shiv Kumar: Shiv Kumar Pathak, Shiv Kumar Pahtak
Shiv Kumar Hindi Actor
Other Skills
    - Producer

Born in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, Shiv Kumar Pathak has been active in Bollywood   since the year 1965 until 2005. He’s an actor, a producer and a director. He’s credited with the making of the first ever movie in Brajbhasha (i.e. the Braj language) titled ‘Brijbhoomi’, which was released in the year 1982.  His most successful release was Lalluram in  1985

Shiv Kumar Pathak debuted as an actor in director KishoreSahu’s film Poonam Ki Raat released in 1965, following which he also played the lead role in “Hare Kaanch Ki Choodiyan” which  was released in  1967. He has acted in  over 14 films, his last one being the 2000  release ‘Krishna Tere Desh Main’. Along with this, he has directed eight movies in both Hindi and the Braj language. His movies have a cultural and religious zest to them, making them rare and unique compared to today’s mainstream Bollywood movies.