Tahir Ali is a well-known Indian model and actor who became famous after winning the Mr. India Pageant in the year 2012. His hometown is Kumri Marg located in Ujjain. He moved to Pune to become an actor but had to take up a job in a hotel where he got the stipend of Rs. 3000. After a few months, Tahir got promoted to the post of Hotel Manager. Tahir then migrated to Mumbai and served as the manager of a gym and after that tried his hands at modeling. According to Tahir, modeling is by far the best thing to happen in his life, and he feels blessed to become a supermodel.

Tahir wanted to pursue modeling since a very young age and worked hard towards it. He wanted to be included in the checklist of the top five supermodels which he has successfully attained. Being a model is very tough and challenging, and it helps you grow your personality by shedding away all your fears and inhibitions. Modeling was a starting towards reaching the goal of being known as an actor.

Tahir never wanted to participate in any male beauty pageants and Mr. India just happened by chance. Tahir was also selected to symbolize India at the prestigious beauty competition, Mr. World. Tahir says that the experience he gained there was enriching, and he will treasure it all his life. Tahir found it challenging because of the hard work, rigorous workout and diet, and the ability to prove yourself. Tahir participated in a lot of challenging activities while he was representing our country at Mr. World and discovered new things about him which he had never noticed before.

Tahir is very passionate, and hard working towards his profession and has walked the ramp for various designers including Tarun Tahiliani Known for his skill to inculcate the Indian textil >> Read More... Tarun Tahiliani , Sanchita Ajjampur Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sanchita Ajjampur , Varun Bahl, and much more. Tahir follows a fitness routine in which he exercises a lot including stretching which he became proficient in with the help of a Greek trainer. His eating habits include intake of proteins and fibers which are necessary for a model to keep in shape. Tahir doesn’t go to the gym as he finds it boring and he performs callisthenic exercises and Parkour workout.

Tahir is very fond of Indian sweets and desserts and savors them in a controlled manner. Tahir was also a part of Van Heusen India Men’s Week in the year 2014. Tahir has also acted in various commercials for brands including Sony Cyber-Shot, Levi’s, Indigo Airlines, Motor Jeans and various others. Tahir is currently busy with acting classes and plans to step in the film industry soon