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Nidhi Sunil Hindi Actress

Nidhi Sunil

Nidhi Sunil is an Indian origin model and actor. She was born on 30 March 1993, Bangalore, India. Her Star Sign is Aries. Nidhi has appeared in magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire, Grazia and Elle in India. She has also worked for Maxim which is one of the most known magazines. Nidhi initially attended the law school in Bangalore and worked as an Environment lawyer. Later, Nidhi participated in the Pantaloons Femina Miss India South 2011 and became the second runner-up. Nidhi Sunil was offered to participate in the pageant, while she was doing production work for a model contest in Bangalore. Though she did not win the contest, she got recognized for her immense beauty and unmatched confidence. She was then signed by the company regardless of what she stood in the contest. Nidhi took modeling as part-time, but after a year of her graduation, she indulged herself in travel and theater. After that, Nidhi gave herself and modeled a chance, and things automatically fell into place for her, and now she is a sensational Model. Nidhi has walked ramps internationally, including Paris, London, New York and others. Nidhi has worked with brands like Hourglass cosmetics, American Apparel and Esprit. She has worked with Mario Testino, which was a lifetime achievement for her. Nidhi idolizes the 90’s stars such as Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, and Linda Evangelista. In school, Nidhi was a competitive swimmer and a part of school’s track and field team. Nidhi loves food and hates working out, in fact, she finds gyms quite boring. Nidhi likes to keep herself busy in learning new physical activities. For her, Yoga is a constant thing. She has also learned a bit of mixed martial arts. Nidhi believes in not making her professional life the center of her universe. Nidhi is a proud dark-skinned model, and she disagrees with the concept of “Fair & Lovely.” Nidhi is against the basic stereotypes made for models and to have that phenomenal look 24*7. For her, one should be proud of his/her skin and should not be shammed by others. Nidhi has faced discrimination regarding her skin color, but she has always fought against it and stood up for herself. Nidhi constantly heard from people that if you have the dark skin tone, you should be tall to become a model but she never let these people come in her way to success. Nidhi enjoys her job as she gets to travel to different countries, meet new people and learn new things. She is always very fascinated to be in front of the camera. Nidhi never wanted a desk job or a typical 9-5 job and lived the most monotonous life ever. Nidhi does what she loves to do.


Rhea Pillai

An Indian model known for her works on television & advertising, and 2003’s ‘Woman of the Year’ honorary, along with several showstoppers like Ritu Beri, Anoushka Shankar & Raveena Tandon, on the auspicious occasion of International Women’s Day. Rhea Pillai is the face of the modeling future as we know it. Having bagged roles in films like 2006 hit ‘Corporate,’ and an active instructor of The Art of Living Foundation, it is a well-proven fact that her talents lie outside the fashion universe that she belongs to currently. Born in 1965 to Raymond Pillai & Dhurreshwar Dhanrajgir, a doctor and a Bahadur of Hyderabad, Rhea is an epitome of subtlety & sobriety to thousands of women living out there, all in dire need of a role model to look up to, all across the country. Be it her interviews on marriage, bondage & female feticide, or her maturity that sparked up after two failed marriages, this lady has proved that she isn’t afraid to commit mistakes. Rather, they allow her to gain experience & find ways of how to not commit the same mistakes she did earlier. In what seemed a whirlwind romance to the industry of Bollywood, Pillai met Sanjay Dutt at a page 3 party, became intimately involved, and both were married to each other soon after. The romance eventually fizzled out with the couple parting ways in a few years, and a divorce was finalized in 2002. Till this day, it is claimed that the two are still good friends. After details of the settlement of who gets what after the divorce got published in the tabloid MiD-Day, a renowned newspaper, The Telegraph hit out at Pillai due to her alleged materialism, & her inappropriate conduct with her husband. The model sought comfort in the arms of India’s most acclaimed tennis sensation Leander Paes, and the lovers went on to tie the knot in 2005. Things went downhill as the couple found happiness in their newly-born daughter Aiyana, with Pillai filing a case of domestic violence against Paes & his father in 2014. When details of the incident surfaced, it was found that Paes evicted his partner out of their home in Mumbai after she returned home very late from a party held earlier that night. The couple now fights for custody of their only daughter. In an age such as ours, a celebrity like Rhea Pillai is hard to come by, who showcases her bright as well as vulnerable side to the society. Leading by example, she will be an inspiration for young girls in the years to come.

Rhea Pillai Hindi Actress