Ali Andreea Hindi Actress

Ali Andreea makes a living as a social media personality. She mostly has over 800,000 fans as a well-known YouTuber. To keep it alive, she creates gorgeous cosmetic tutorials on her channel, which bears her name. She is popularly known for occasionally doing vlogs and product reviews. Andreea Ali, a decorative artist, living in Paris, started her work in Romania, the country of her birth. She currently resides and works in France. Her lifestyle films, "petite fashion" styles, cosmetics lessons, and suggestions. She is employed at Balmain Paris Hair Couture as a freelance makeup artist. The makeup line Ali Andreea was founded by her.

She works for Anastasia Beverly Hills as an Area Manager. Andreea Ali and CINCO, a woman-led and feminist jewelry company, are continually motivated and inspired by strong women. The women in her life, her Romanian heritage and traditions, and each small step she had to take to become the successful and resilient person she is today served as inspiration for this collection. We all have a road to embark on, and CINCO is no exception.