Saaveri Verma is an Indian lyricist. Her untold lyrics have been accepted in many songs and videos. For instance, “ Chukyagiri “ is a video song wherein her lyrics have been used. Moreover, “ Channa “ is another video where her lyrics have come handy.She is known for “ GunPeDono “ and “ Fredrick”. Her lyrics are brilliantly written and they quickly fascinate and arrest the readers’ mind in no time.One of her songs entitled Girlfriend is deep and has lines are: “ Ding dang ding dang dang ding dang, khatti mithi yaarikateekhaMajahai…” In this song, she is deprofundis and is longing for answers from his “ Raja ” One of the songs used her lyrics and that song earned fame, praise and adulation from numerous distinguished people from various walks of life. The name of the song is “ dhunde naina “. Lyrics of this song are “dekhenainadono, Raah Teri Sajna, dhundenainadono."