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Hindi Fashion Stylist Artist Srijita Ghosh
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Artist Srijita Ghosh is a famous actress. She was born on 6 March 1999 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She has also worked in many short films, movies, and music videos. She is also a fashion stylist. She has worked with many companies. She has also worked with many celebrity stylists, of which Prajanya Anand is one. She started her acting career with the film Replication (2015). After this, she worked in many movies like Katha Venuka Katha (2023), UNI Ki Yaari (2022), Idhe Maa Katha (2021), Shukra (2021), Sanjeev Chaturvedi Sanjeev Chaturvedi is well-known Indian lyricist p >> Read More... & Ajay Keswani Ajay Keswani is a renowned singer from Dubai. Ajay >> Read More... : Hare Rama Hare Krishna (2019), Destiny (2017), and Replication (2015).


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