Pratap Sachdev is a veteran Actor, who has been a part of both stage plays and films. He has predominantly acted in Gujarati movies. Some of his critically acclaimed films include Him Kavach, Baa Ne Gher Babo Aavyo, Dikri Vahal No Dariyo, Visamo and many more, out of which he has also directed a few. He turned to a Director with the film, Raja Ne Game Te Rani, in the year 2006. In the same year, he acted in the movie Dikri Vahal No Dariyo, which revolves around the financial crisis faced by a family.

Recently, in the year 2014, Pratap was seen in the television soap Tari Aankh No Afini that was telecasted on ETV, in Gujarat. He has portrayed the role of the heroine’s father, a retired postmaster who wants to make his daughter financially independent.