Ali Safina Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 18-12-1983
  • Age : 37
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Ali Safina is another of those Pakistani actors who migrated to the home country after having acted as the DJ in a radio station in a foreign land. For him it was Glasgow in Scotland, where he started his Disc Jockeying - quite a distance away from his native Multan. His early days were also spent outside Pakistan, in Muscat, where he completed his school studies, and then landed in Glasgow to complete his course in mechanical engineering. His original plans were to pursue higher studies on his return to Pakistan, but soon realized he was more attracted towards show business. 

In fact, his affinity towards radio could not desert him even after he came back to Pakistan, and today he owns the FM radio channel 96. It was perhaps a dream that he had conceived in his Glasgow days, but never thought it could materialize so soon after coming back home. But strangely after he was back in Pakistan he got more attracted to TV and started hosting shows as a Video jockey. Incidentally, his younger sibling is also a renowned personality in Pakistan, although in a totally different field – Waleed Khan, his younger brother, is a famous Pakistani philanthropist and critic.  Quite far removed, Ali Safina is more of a comedian, having acted in popular sitcoms on Pakistani TV, with “Takkay Ki Ayegi Baraat” being the more famous out of his serials. Besides acting in sitcoms, he also doubles up as the host of comic talk shows which have also added to his popularity. One of his famous talk shows has been “Hunn Dass” where he acted as the host. Moving further towards the last post of stardom, he made his debut in films with the 2014 crime thriller “Jalaibee” in which he played main role of Bugga, acting established actors like Danish Taimoor Danish Taimoor is a Pakistani model and TV actor. >> Read More... Danish Taimoor .