Mrinal Desai is a graduate of Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, who has shot several acclaimed independent documentary films. His last feature film ‘ Court Click to look into! >> Read More... Court ’ took him to international recognition. This cinematographer places a lot of importance on the decision-making process in the crew members from the script level to the location of sites. While working for a documentary or even feature film, Mrinal is conscious of keeping a careful balance of all this aspect. While shooting for a documentary he is always used to the dynamics attention of minute spaces needed to be shot. The only advantage he gets in filming a documentary is that he has background knowledge of the space that has to be shot primarily. But for a feature film, as a cameraman, he feels that one has to work from the scratch to create a feeling of reality always.

As a cinematographer, Mrinal always feels that he has to capture the scenes which the director has set up in his mind. As a cinematographer, although as a person he is present in the shooting spot and but he always lets the director guide him to move the story forward. Mrinal Desai has also shot music video, shot dramas, short feature films as well. He has a keen interest in both travel and photography, and it was this interest that made him join Pune FTII. Although he was an engineer in the oil fields of Egypt, Kuwait, and UAE, he left the job and joined Pune Film and Television Institute. Now he is known face in the cinematic medium doing feature films, documentaries, and even TV commercials. The cinematographer was also a second unit cinematographer on Danny Boyle’s Oscar-winning project ‘ Slumdog Millionaire Click to look into! >> Read More... Slumdog Millionaire ’. In the year 2007, he also shot 'Mahek' which was produced by Children's Film Society. He also has filmed for Spandan Banerjee’s documentary and Aya Domenig’s feature documentary. Plus, he also filmed for Dan Reed’s 'The Bible: A History’. Mrinal also has shot some promotion for Sony Mix channel shows. In the year 2010, he won good acclaim for the film 'Nainsukh' which was premiered at the Venice International Film Festival.