Harshika Doshi

Other names of Harshika Doshi: Harshieka Doshi

Harshika Doshi, a cute nine years old girl from Kolkata was a contestant of Junior Masterchef. In Masterchef, she not only impressed judges by her sweets but also audience by her sweetness and cuteness. She was given the title of the desert queen by the judges of Junior Masterchef. This title itself means a lot for someone and that too from renounced chefs. She started cooking by helping her mother in the kitchen. Initially, she started with peeling potatoes and eventually learning gravies, sweets, and many things. Harshika entered the kitchen when she was just four years old; she eventually developed an interest in cooking, so she joined cookery class to enhance her skills.

The first one she cooked was a Black Forest Cake. Except cooking her different hobbies are drawing and so she wants to be an artist. She even has a keen interest in sports. Harshieka is cute and mature enough; she is mature more than her age, and even she are very much protective towards her younger sister, whom she love her a lot. In an interview, she mentioned that she loves experimenting while baking and finally end up with a something different which she would have never thought of before. Her mastery in Tiramisu & cheesecake has helped her earn the title of ‘Desert Queen’. She faced the loss of her mother at very small age, and it was her mother’s dream to shape her child to be a Brilliant cook. Harshieka is a sensitive girl with lots of love for her mother who passed away just 1ten days before the audition of Junior Masterchef. It was her mom’s dream that Harshieka should become a chef and to fulfill this dream of her mother she participated in Masterchef. Her mom’s & family blessings helped her to stay in the competition for much more time.

We appreciate Harshieka’s courage to stay back in Junior Masterchef for such a long time when normally people need moral support from family. She proved herself at the crucial time of her life and came out with flying colors.