Afia Tayebali is a popular, talented and upcoming teen child actress who has been acting in popular Hindi television serials and has also appeared in various ad commercials of popular brands related to children somehow or the other. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Afia was spotted by the crew members of a famous production house and ad agencies while she was performing in her school function.  Afia’s parents gave their consent and subsequently she started working in various ad commercials of brands of repute who mainly dealt with children related consumer products. After featuring in few ads, Afia Tayebali was offered a prominent role in Sab TV’s popular comedy serial Mrs. Tendulkar. In the serial Mrs. Tendulkar, Afia essayed the role of Kitty or Ketaki Tendulkar, the teenage daughter of Mrs. Tendulkar, the main female protagonist of the serial. Kitty’s character is that of a carefree and vibrant 11 years old girl with a very pleasing and charming personality and is fond of her dad and she considers her dad a superman and loves him unconditionally. In the serial, Afia’s character Kitty is shown dealing with mental and physical problem when she reaches adolescence. A confident portrayal of Kitty by Afia made her a popular household name and she was subsequently offered another character supporting role in the cult classic Star Plus’s Hindi television serial Baa Bahoo Aur Baby. Presently, Afia Tayebali has taken a short break from acting and is concentrating on her studies.