Kumari 21F Movie Review

  • By: nettv4u.com
  • Review for the film: "Kumari 21F "
  • Streaming on: Youtube
  • Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
  • Certificate: UA
  • Released: 20-11-2015
  • Genre: Romance
3.25 / 5.0

You would have seen the trailer with the girl kissing the guy and he is confused whether to love her or not. Well, that’s the crux of the film.
A movie that is completely interspersed with romance and drama..that’s Kumari 21F for you. Well, seeing the title you would have guessed what’s the film is all about. The film’s theme is quite controversial and resembles certain Tamil flicks. 


Siddhu, a lower-middle class lad, falls flat for an upcoming model as well as cinema artist. But Siddhu is not so happy with the gregarious nature of the girl. To add fuel to the fire, the friends of Siddhu poison his mind by saying that the girl would have had affairs with other guys. What does Siddhu do? Is there any ‘bad’ past for Kumari? Do Siddhu and Kumari unite? Watch the flick to find out. 


What is maturity? Is it accepting new-age relationships or shying away from it? This is the question that Kumari 21F poses you. Well, let’s delve into the other aspects of Kumari 21F. The film had a tough time with the censor, and the latter had even asked the filmmakers to edit a lip-lock segment that had been very long. The flick has been produced with a budget of 6 crores. 
What can we call the chemistry between Raj Tarun and Heeba? Offbeat? Bold? Well, watch the flick to find out.

 It is nice to see the technicians of the film being credited with games and apps in the introduction of the flick. 

What’s there?

1. The music by DSP, which have already become a success, is refreshing. The song Love Cheyyala Vaddha has good choreography, and it is quite contemporary. Raj Tarun does well in this song.
2. One of the scenes wherein Raj Tarun and his father share screenspace is emotional.
3.    There is a good twist in the film.

What’s not there?

1.    The music is good to hear in the audio but when it comes to the screen, certain songs miss something due to the nature of the theme. 
2.    There are some outrageously dark segments in the flick which may not strike the right chord with you.

Verdict: The heroine of the movie had told in an interview that "Boldness is a subjective term". Well, it's your call to watch this film.