Bench Talkies-The First Bench Movie Review

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  • Review for the film: "Bench Talkies"
  • Runtime: 1 Hour 53 Minutes
  • Certificate: UA
  • Released: 06-03-2015
  • Genre: Drama
2.7 / 5.0

Plot: Bench Talkies - The First Bench is the compilation of six short stories in a single cinema. Six stories are shot by six different directors and they are compiled together.

This film is produced by the Pizza and Jigarthanda fame director Karthik Subburaj. He has also directed one of the six films.

The first film in this compilation is the Lost Paradise directed by Anil Krishnan. It is a sentimental story with silent background. The story is about a person who is on his way to home from the prison. This sentimental movie with the musical background touches the viewers.

Agavizhi is the second movie in the list and it is directed by Gopakumar. It is a triangular love story, with lots of confusion. The director has tried the style of Gautham Menon.

Puzhu is the next story, which is directed by Charukesh Sekar. This story deals with the enmity of two people, who try to kill each other. This film follows the western style of filming and it is also shot in Black and White.

Nalladhor Veenai is the movie directed by Monesh. It says about the teacher who sexually abuses the student. The affected student tries to save the fellow student is the main point in the story.

The next story is Madhu and it is a normal story, which tells about a person who tries to commit suicide, when his lover gets engaged with some other person. How he is saved by his friends and his lover is the story plot. This film is directed by R. M. Rathna Kumar.

Karthik Subburaj has also directed the film Neer in this collection. Neer has Vijay Sethupathi in it. This story is about the fishermen and their lives. The fishermen who are tortured by the Srilankan Navy is the mainstream. Though this kind of story is already dealt in Neerparavai, a film that has Vishnu, this movie is interesting.

As this type of compilation is new to Tamil cinema, the film fails to hit. In fact, many people do not know the release of the movie. Instead of watching a film for 2 and half hours, these kinds of compilations look good, at times. Bench Talkies - The First Bench… A good try!