3 A.M. Movie Review

  • By: nettv4u.com
  • Review for the film: "3 A.M."
  • Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes
  • Certificate: A
  • Released: 26-11-2014
  • Genre: Horror
2 / 5.0


Some buddies gather all their courage and go to Rudra Mills, which is a haunted place. When they reach there as soon as they are about to enter someone stops them. Sunny, the person who stops them, tells them that place is haunted. Sunny gives the group a picture of what happened. His wife Sarah used to do a show in haunted places and once when she was leaving for her show she couldn’t find her Bhagwad Gita and had to leave without it. That night Sunny wakes up at midnight and sees Sarah weeping; she just expresses sorry and vanishes from the place. In no time, Sunny finds out that Sarah has breathed her last at Rudra Mills. 

Sunny convinces a producer to let him do a show dealing with haunted places and opts for Rudra Mills as his location. He is accompanied by Cyrus and Raj. They set the cameras and at 3 am the evil spirit of Rudra Pratap Singh gets into the body of Cyrus who and kills Sunny and Raj. This comes as a shock to all as it was Sunny’s spirit that was telling the story and he vanishes to reunite with his wife.

Star Performances

Rannvijay is a good VJ, accepted. But when it comes to acting he should develop a lot. The role of Anindita Nair is so brief that we are able to draw conclusion about her performance. 


 With good direction and an interesting plot this story not only infuses us with the fact that there is the world of dead with us but also shows us that true love exists even after death.

What’s there?

  • A horror plot with a nail-biting suspense at the end. There are some scenes that would give chills down anyone’s spine and make them cry.
  • Thankfully there is not too much bloodshed in the movie. 

What’s not there?

 This is not a happy ending movie where a ghost is defeated at the end. 


The movie though manages to frighten the audience at some places loses grip at other places. 

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