Horror films with supernatural trappings have been quite a few in Hollywood, many of which have inspired versions or remakes in Bollywood. Similarly, there been

3G Movie Review

3G Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " 3G"
Runtime: 2 Hours 04 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 15-03-2013
Genre: Thriller
2.3 / 5.0

Horror films with supernatural trappings have been quite a few in Hollywood, many of which have inspired versions or remakes in Bollywood. Similarly, there been classic movies made on science fiction too. “ 3G Click to look into! >> Read More... 3G ” attempts to marry cleverly these two concepts and come up with a horror film based on technology as well as supernatural powers – perhaps a first of sorts.

Plot: Not for the first time perhaps in the current year, we are witnessing a movie which takes us to the island of Fiji and exposes us to strange if not frightful goings on over there. Coming close on the heels of “Table No. 21”, this film, however, has a different take with no actual real villains on hand but supernatural ones taking up that role, through techie gadgets. The principal characters here are Sam ( Neil Nitin Mukesh This handsome actor was born as the son of Nitin M >> Read More... Neil Nitin Mukesh ) and Sheena ( Sonal Chauhan Sonal Singh Chauhan is an Indian model, actress, a >> Read More... Sonal Chauhan ), who are in for some supernatural mumbo-jumbo after they purchase a second-hand 3G enabled cell phone while holidaying in Fiji. This was after their previous one had slipped and fallen accidentally into the water. As it subsequently turns out, the cell phone is actually a supernatural spirit which haunts its current owner on a continuous basis. We are also made to believe that this is a universal phenomenon, with innumerable ghost calls being received from untraced sources every minute. Under the spell, Sam starts seeing dead people and suffers from frequent nightmares, and like other supernatural thrillers are possessed by the spirits of the dead people that keep on visiting him. One night they are the recipients of one such phantom call, which leads them on to an unbelievable trail, and their only salvation seems to be to solve the secret behind these phantom calls.

Review: The plot though ends on a partly anti-climactic sermonising note about the evils of cell phones and the growth of the porn industry which ultimately is degenerating society. Like many recent films of this genre the uniqueness of the theme gets developed well in the beginning of the depiction and the expectation is built up well, but by the time the second half is on us, the thrills are suddenly found to be unsustainable beyond a point, with isolated incidents tending to make the plot appear disjointed.

Star Performances: As for the acting, the two main protagonists seem to look good in each other’s company although Neil Nitin Mukesh has to shoulder the bulk of the acting responsibility as it is on him that all the strange happenings directly impinge. Sonal on the other has not much to do but look good. This being a couple centric film, the rest of the supporting cast has not much to perform, but whatever little, they do so appropriately. Obviously with the scenic locales of Fiji to work on, perhaps it was justified to requisition the services of overseas cameraman Keiko Nakahara Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Keiko Nakahara , and the camera work looks attractively professional. The music of Mithoon is also a plus for the film, and leaves quite a few numbers to be hummed on later too.

Verdict: It is surely not a great film to recommend but those interested in occult happenings or shades of techno fiction may find things to their liking in the film.