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Sarkaar Telugu TV SERIALS on Aha
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Sarkaar-Mee Paate Naa Aata is the first bidding-based game show in Telugu, hosted by the dynamic Pradeep Machiraju He was born on 23rd of October in Amalapuram, east >> Read More... . This energetic show features celebrity contestants competing in rounds of bidding to answer questions, which keeps the fun and suspense high throughout. The fast-paced format has four celebrities actively participating in each episode, trying their best not to lose any chance at winning. With Pradeep's engaging hosting steering the entertaining proceedings, Sarkaar- Mee Paate Naa Aata promises viewers a total joyride. The gripping question-based format and a bidding twist make an amusement-filled viewing experience. Airing weekly on the Aha OTT platform, this Telugu game show has a unique concept that engages viewers while showcasing celebrity antics. The show now has three seasons.



Chandana Telugu TV-Actress
DOB: 26 November 1993
Krithika Krishnan Telugu TV-Actress
DOB: 2 August 1984
Krithika Krishnan
Samyukta Hornad Telugu Movie Actress
DOB: 23 May 1991
Samyukta Hornad