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Bani — Ishq Da Kalma was an Indian television drama series, which premiered on 18 March 2013 on Colors. Earlier the title of the serial was ‘Gurbani’ but due to some objections with the title, it was changed later and telecasted as ‘Bani — Ishq Da Kalma. The story is the tale of two Punjabi daughters Bani and Rajji. Their father had promised to get their daughter wedded to NRI only. Although there is a young good looking bachelor Soham who falls in love with Bani, the father of the girl rejects him as he is not an NRI.

However, the final day of marriage arrives, and both the daughters get a proposal from two NRIs only. While Bani’s marriage gets fixed with Parmeet ( Gaurav Chaudhary Gaurav Chaudhary is a Television actor and a model >> Read More... ), Rajji’s marriage gets fixed with Amreek ( Ankit Modgil     “Ankit Modgil” was born on 4th November, 1990. >> Read More... ). On the day of the wedding, it is believed that Parimeet would not turn up from Canada, so the father pleads Soham to marry Bani in order to keep the prestige of the girl. But then Parmeet turns up. Now there is a misunderstanding between Rajji and Amreek. Amreek leaves the scene.

The bride’s family thinks now that Soham is ready to marry Rajji and thus Bani gets married to Parmeet and Rajji gets married to Soham. Soham cannot marry the girl of his choice Bani. Now, Bani goes to her in-law's house with Parmeet, but Parmeet leaves for Canada. In between, Parmeet swindles all ancestral property of Bani and ditches her. He never talks to Bani over the phone. Bani feel dejected and want to win her right as a legal wife of Parimeet. So, she decides to leave for Canada to find her husband and bring him back. Does she succeed? In between, Soham’s family is upset that Soham has not married Bani but Rajji.

Since Soham had loved Bani from beginning, he wants to accompany her in the time of difficulty. But Rajji pleads Bani not to take Soham with her to Canada as it will spoil her name. So Bani leaves alone, but she falls into the trap of flesh contract where she is rescued by a welfare worker Anuradha ( Damini Kanwal Shetty Damini Kanwal Shetty was interested in acting sinc >> Read More... ). Now, when Bani comes to take shelter in Anuradha’s home, she finds that Anuradha’s girl is getting wedded to an NRI named Meet. Meet is nobody but Bani's husband Parmeet, who ditched her. Parmeet flees from the scene of the wedding. Now Anuradha wants to punish Parmeet for cheating her daughter. But, Bani wants to take revenge and meets Parmeet personally.

But Parmeet throws Bani out of his house. So, Bani comes back to India, and even Parmeet comes back to India and plans to kill Bani. What happens next, we can only know by watching the serial. The series was developed by Damini Kanwal Shetty and Kalpana Chandra Khurana. The plot and story were written by Girish Dhamija Girish Dhamija who has penned some delightful dial >> Read More... and Dheeraj Sarna Dheeraj Sarna is an Indian television actor, produ >> Read More... . The serial was directed by Nandita Mehra We all remember ‘Kajal Bhai’ from the famous seria >> Read More... , Yash Chauhan, and Rajesh Patel Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . The creative director was Damini Kanwal Shetty and Raaj Shetty Bio coming soon... >> Read More... ; Music was composed by Udbhav Ojha Udbhav Ojha is an Indian playback singer. He worke >> Read More... , Gagan Riar, and Sarabh Nayar. Sujit Das was the editor of the serial.

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