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Imli Season 2 Hindi TV SERIALS on STAR PLUS
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Season 2 of Imlie is a Hindi-language drama serial of Star Plus. Season 1 of Imlie started premiering on 16th November 2020. It is produced by Gul Khan Gul Khan is one of the leading Indian Television p >> Read More... , and stars Megha Chakraborty Megha Chakraborty, born on 3rd May 1989 in Kolkata >> Read More... , Seerat Kapoor  Seerat  Kapoor a small girl who was born in the c >> Read More... , and Karan Vohra Karan Vohra is an Indian model, actor, and fitness >> Read More... in lead roles. It is the Hindi adaptation of a popular Bengali series Ishti Kutum Ishti Kutum is a Bengali family drama-comedy TV se >> Read More... . Season 2 is based on the life of Imlie and Cheeni. Imlie is the daughter of Imlie (Sr.) and Aryan, whereas, Cheeni is the daughter of Malini and Aditya. Malini and Imlie (Sr.) were half sisters in 1st season. Imlie (Jr.) is a tender-hearted girl, and on the contrary, Cheeni is greedy and selfish and behaves harshly with Imlie. As the story proceeds, they cross paths with Atharva Rana (DJ Arto). Atharva misunderstand Cheeni as a poetess and gets smitten by her, even though the poems were secretly written by Imlie.

On the other hand, Atharva’s family is impressed with Imlie and soon fixes her marriage with Atharva against his will. Cheeni fakes her love for Atharva as she is desirous of the property of the Rana family. Cheeni manipulates Atharva into thinking that Imlie is the selfish one. Eventually, Atharva and Imlie tie the knot. Imlie proves her love for the Rana family by taking good care of them, which makes Atharva realize the truth that Imlie is innocent and that she is the secret poetess. Cheeni gets enraged with the blossoming love of Atharva and Imlie. Will Cheeni let go of the grudges? Will she work with conflicts with empathy and understanding, or will she create obstacles in the married life of Atharva and Imlie? All these questions are answered in rest of the series.

Later, the family member fixes the marriage of Cheeni with Abhishek, a wealthy man. Cheeni accepts the proposal and leaves Atharv heartbroken and depressed. During the tough times, Imlie takes care of Atharv and helps him heal from the past. But Cheeni still got the satisfaction and canceled her wedding with Abhishek. She pledges an alliance with Anu to destroy the marriage of Imlie and Atharva and get Imlie kicked out of the house. Imlie discovers the harmful intentions of Cheeni and decides to protect Atharv from her. The relationship of Atharv and Imlie begins to experience a budding romance. The serial beautifully captures the moments when the couple confessed their love. They started their relationship. But their relationship takes an unexpected turn when Imlie loses her memory due to an accident. Later, Imlie reveals that she was faking her illness to uncover the harmful intentions of Cheeni. Rudra and Atharv help Imlie to accomplish her mission of exposing Cheeni. After this, Cheeni gets furious and plots a new plan. She kidnaps the family members of Atharv and forcefully tries to marry him. But Imlie saves the day by saving everyone and stopping the marriage. Imlie gets Cheeni arrested. Things start to get better between Imlie and Atharv.

Soon, another twist enters the lives of the family members when they meet Dhairya. Dhairya claims to be the illegitimate son of Rudra. Meanwhile, Arthav has an accident and is presumed to be dead. The family learns that Imlie is pregnant with the child of Atharv. Soon, Imlie gives birth to a girl child, but the doctor declares the baby to be dead. Later, it came to light that Arthav stole the baby and was raising it with Cheeni. Arthav believed that his family betrayed him and accepted Dhairya as their son. Dhairya also takes over the business and lives with the Rana family. He secretly develops feelings for Imlie. Soon, the family finds out that Atharv is alive. Everyone thinks that Karishma is the daughter of Cheeni and Arthav. The family urges Arthav to get married to Cheeni. Simultaneously, Imlie decides to get married to Dhairya. Dhairya finds out the truth about Karishma’s parents but dies before getting a chance to reveal it. Imlie and Atharv work together and expose that Cheeni murdered Dhairya. After many complications, Arthav and Imlie remarry, and Imlie gives birth to their second daughter. Meanwhile, Anu re-enters in the family to take her revenge. Anu kills Imlie and Atharv and steals their daughters.



Asha Negi Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 23 August 1989
Asha Negi
Ishita Dutta Hindi Movie Actress
DOB: 26 August 1990
Ishita Dutta
Mia Uyeda Hindi Anchor
DOB: 25 May 1984
Mia Uyeda
Karanvir Bohra Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 28 August 1982
Karanvir Bohra
Mala Salariya Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 23 February 1991
Mala Salariya