Prosenjit Chowdhury Hindi Actor

Prosenjit Chowdhury is an acclaimed Kolkata, West Bengal, Indian professional “EDITOR AND CINEMATOGRAPHER” who was born on 22nd April 1987 and came up with a creative and edge cutting mindset. His ideas and will to achieves the challenge make him the most appropriate and beloved person. He is a multitalented person who achieve fame in the cinema industry, his hard work and will to achieve goals is very much clear, like an open book. Some of his works are,”hot Hangout in 2015, which was a short film, The Last Night Of a Psychiatrist in 2012, The Forlorn in 2011”.

The shooting of these movies and editing is done by him. He also have written shows,”VIII Reunion(short) in 2017 as a co-screenwriter, and in 2015 The Dwitiyo Republic was also one of his beings. One of the most famous and lovable web series in Hindi language ( Kark Rogue Kark Rogue is a Hindi crime thriller web series br >> Read More... Kark Rogue ) which is a thriller web series is shot by him which is primarily in Kolkata, the story started from untimely deaths of a series of citizens of Kolkata after another. This web series is caston very popular broadband called ZEE5.