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Chaddobeshi Bengali TV SERIALS on Zee Bangla
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Chaddobeshi is a Bengali television drama series aired on the renowned Bengali channel Zee Bangla. The show stars Nabanita Das Nabanita Das is a Bengali television actress. Sinc >> Read More... , Raja Goswami Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , and Madhubani Ghosh in pivotal roles. A happily married life with a perfect family is the ultimate goal for many people. But what if a family gets shattered? How does it feel to lose a loved one? The story of Chaddobeshi revolves around this. Labanya once living a happy life with her husband Amit, a brave IPS officer. But things turned dark for her when she lost the love of her life due to bullet injuries while he was on duty. This untimely death traumatised her and her complete life got shattered. But the show not only deals with her trauma, instead focuses on Labanya’s individuality. It highlights the struggles of a woman and gives the message of female empowerment. What happens when a tour guide enters her life? The rest of the story deals with that.


Paoli Dam Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 4 October 1980
Paoli Dam
Joy Sengupta Bengali TV-Actor
DOB: 14 December 1974
Joy Sengupta
Ananya Chatterjee Bengali TV-Actress
DOB: 16 January 1977
Ananya Chatterjee
Anindita Bose Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 10 April 1986
Anindita Bose
June Malia Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 24 June 1972
June Malia