Telugu Tv Show One

One Telugu tv-shows on ZEE TELUGU

One is a Telugu reality game show which airs on Zee Telugu. It started with a unique concept and has a very interesting theme. Every episode has four participants competing with each other for the title of the winner or the "One”. Each of the participants has to go through a series of daring tasks and in the process have to be tested on their IQ and competitive skills. With their brain power and competitive nature they take part in every task with a lot of excitement and if done well may become the winner of that episode. The contestants are tested by making them experience different forms of fear like an electric shock, darkness, water, and fire. They have to pass each of the stages with their confidence and IQ and prove their will and strength. It is a reality celebrity show.

The audience gets to see well-known TV personalities compete with each other and go through different tasks just to make themselves the winner. The contestants or the celebrities take this opportunity to show their physical and mental strength to their fans and viewers and try to win the show. This game show is hosted by the famous anchors Anasuya and Chanti who with their good anchoring skills try to make the audience understand and enjoy the show. They help the celebrities to understand the rules and regulations of each game and guide them to what should be done next. Even though they don't tell the final answer or don't help them hundred percent, they keep on encouraging the participants which give them motivation and confidence to proceed further.

The use of the element fear is done in the show. In the first episode of this show, the celebrities or participants were asked to answer general knowledge questions on Indian history and various other things. A wrong answer could lead them going through a dark room where they could not see anything. They had to touch various objects like crab, dead fish, human face etc. If they failed to answer the above options correctly they would not win the round. They even had to be submerged in water for another task. With the motivation and consistent cheering by Chanti and Anasuya, they were successful in guessing the objects correctly. The episodes are available on YouTube for the fans viewing.