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Telugu Tv Show Gopuram Telugu

Gopuram Telugu Telugu tv-shows on ZEE TELUGU

In India, we have different customs and tradition. Every religion follows their custom according to their ancestors. We always say that there are reasons behind everything. On the same concept, the Gopuram Telugu is broadcasted on the ZEE Telugu. Every time we do a certain task on the festivals, but we didn’t understand the meaning of those things. So, to know more about everything we do the Gopuram Telugu is here to help you. It will give you the scientific orientations of the things. Everything has a scientific reason. You will get to know the scientific approach behind our activities of the tradition.

Once, you understand the importance of these things it will become convenient to follow our customs and, we can easily forward to it our next generation. As we are growing in the technology but, the certain aspects remain unchanged. The superstitions concept are still, present in the mind of the people. Although, it has a scientific reason behind everything. To remove the concept of the superstition and, to introduce the scientific concept to the society we have Gopuram Telugu on our TV. Mrs Dr Sandhya Lakshmi is going to guide you regarding all of the rituals in the India.

In our country, we have rich rituals and the customs as well. She has depth knowledge of everything. She did the analysis of the things and, then presented it to the audience. She has done the lots of hard work to analyse and understand the stuff. Her area of interest is in the Astrology. She was doing practice in it from the last decade. The government of India has given her many of the awards for her work. She was the only female to receive the award of a doctorate in the field of astrology. The Dr Sandhya had taken the bold decision to break the barrier of the tradition.

She has performed for the UNICEF as well. In this Gopuram, you will find her on your channel. Sometimes, we also did not aware about the facts. As a result, we may fall into the unexpected situation. The new way of thinking starts by ZEE network on the ZEE Telugu. The channel already has the good grip on all over the India. Now, it is capturing the market of the south India as well. The ZEE Telugu was launched on 18 May 2005. It is going on the long way.

You can catch this show from Monday to Friday, in the morning at 9:00 AM.

Another Version Of This Story:

Gopuram is a Telugu television show which used to air on Zee Telugu channel. The show is formerly based on the theme of astrology and the beliefs attached to it in the minds of Indian people. The show was originally made in the Telugu language. As we all know that India is known for its culture and traditions. Thus maintaining the gift of our wealthy heritage the crew of the serial came together with a mind-blowing show. This is a distinct program which helps in creating alerts to the facts in the brains of all the individuals that thought it to be fantasies by the generation of this twenty-first century.

Through this show, the makers have tried proving all the scientific reasons behind the so-called superstitions and believes that prevail in our Indian society. In India, the people have a tendency of following all the traditions and customs that have been passed to them and to their generation by their senior generations however most people do not even know and recognise that why do we have a tendency to perform a selected ritual. The theoretical and scientific meaning of accomplishment of each and every ritual is the same concern of the show, and it stands to tell the importance of them.

Thus the serial has been headed by Mrs Dr Sandhya Lakshmi. She tells the viewers about the importance of each and every ritual and traditions and also shows that how it is important in one’s life. Although Dr Sandhya may be a freelancer journalist in the Telugu language, it is her efforts that help in getting so much TRP for the show. She has been practising astrology since 1980 and is the first lady in Andhra and in India even who wants to do her medical in astrology. She is also given the title of Jyotisha Saraswati and Jyotisha Ratna respectively.

She is also conjointly doing fifty stage shows for Unicef on kid rights. Thus in her show, she tries to tell the importance of your zodiac sign and how noble and fruitful it would be on that particular day. She also tells that how would goddess Lakshmi be productive to a particular person or to all the people of the same zodiac sign. The show is becoming very famous and is also liked a lot by the audience because of the manner in which she speaks and convinces her viewers. The show is a hit in the Telugu TV channel.