Telugu Tv Show Dhee Jodi

Dhee Jodi Telugu TV SHOWS on ETV Telugu

The India is the country where you will get lots of talent to know about them. The skill doesn’t have any age. It is the fruitful efforts of the practice and hard work of the men. The tradition of the reality show is going on the TV screen; on each and every channel you will find the show. The Dhee Jodi belongs to this category. It is the dance reality show on the ETV Telugu. The viewers also enjoy the dance shows on the screen. It base on the same theme of the dance but a somewhat different concept is applied on this. The Dhee Jodi is base on the dance skill.

The twist in the show is that participants will perform with the Jodi means in a pair. It is easy to dance individually, but when it comes to the couple, you need to manage the many things. You will require proper coordination among yourselves. There should be a counterbalance of each and everything. Once you understand your pair, then you can quickly perform well on the screen, which appears as a shadow dance. On this concept, the Dhee Jodi format was made. The title of the show itself reflects that contestants will participate in the pair. It is going to be fascinating to watch the dance of the pair on the floor.

The Dhee Jodi airs on Wednesday every week at 9:30 PM. The one hour of the show will give you lots of entertainment and fun. If you missed on Wednesday then, you could get it on the Sunday in the repeat telecast. There is 12 pair in the show. The participants will perform with the master. As it is the show, only one can be a winner. So, the scheme of elimination round is applied on this. The names of the 12 master are Pridhvi, Saitej, Yashwanth, Jagga, Santosh, Sashi, Chitti, Chetan, Palti Ravi, Prashanth, Nanda, and Jithu.

Along with these masters, participants will perform. The host of the show is Pradeep Machiraju and Sekhar. Both of them will present you with the entertainment while watching the Dhee Jodi. It started on the 28 June 2016, and it is going to the TV sets. The ETV Telugu brought the new concept. It has its various broadcasts on another channel as well. Still, it has created the benchmark in the Telugu industry. It has started in the year 1997, and till date, it has reached to the mind and hearts of the viewers successfully.