Telugu Tv Show Chittam Chittam Prayaschittam

Chittam Chittam Prayaschittam Telugu Tv shows on Zee telugu

It was a funny comedy game show aired on Zee Telugu channel. The show was based on the backdrop of Lord Yama and his associate Chitragupta, . . Lord Yama’s role was portrayed by actor and Mimicry artist Shiva Reddy and Chitragupta’s role was played by actor “Gundu” Sudharshan. As the name of the show speaks of ‘‘Chittam Chittam Prayaschittam”, it was about the actors who had performed in any Telugu serial and if they found that they had done any sins in their characters, they make up their mind to appear live on the show and seek redemption. Thus, TV stars got an opportunity to pay for the sins of the characters they portrayed on small screen.

The show had featured many top TV actors such as dancers like Mounika, Teju, Teena, Sneha or villains like Shobhana, Rukku, Jalaja and Sathya. In addition, even the character artists and TV anchors took part in the show as contestants. The motive of the show was to provide enough laughter for the audiences and keep them entertaining and this show reached it’s goal. It was a really good laughter show.