Telugu Tv Serial Vasantha Kokila

Vasantha Kokila Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv

Maa TV presented a Drama serial weekly from Monday to Friday at 6:30PM, Vasantha Kokila one of the most appreciated television serials. Directed by Ankush M. Mohla and with a well chosen cast with great actors like Vij Mahii, Aadesh Chaudhary, Pawan Malhotra, Hemal Thakkar, Mishal Raheja, Riddhi Dogra, Vinay Rohrra, Swati Chitnis, Goradia Aashka and others they have to take all the credentials for the serial. The last episode with number 475 was broadcasted on 18th April 2013.

The storyline presents the life of a family, two parents and three kids, two girls and one boy. The elder girl was kidnapped because of her beauty as the parents say. Nakusha the little sister is a good girl, but she’s afraid to have the same faith as her sister and she started to make up, painted in black and now she looks a bit ugly right now. More Malmal is a corrupt police he finds out the trust about Nakusha while he was followed her sister. He arranged the marriage with Nakusha’s family with the thought to sell her in Dubai. Babi, her future husband decided to run away with the girl’s family to save her. The serial present a part of reality in India where girls can have some problems if they are not a bit careful and in this way the audience is informed about this kind of problems.

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