Telugu Tv Serial No-23 Mahalakshmi Nivasam

No-23 Mahalakshmi Nivasam Telugu tv-serials on Gemini TV

No. 23 Mahalakshmi Nivasam is a drama series which got aired on the Gemini TV channel. It is a Telugu language show which got broadcasted every weekday from Monday to Friday. The program comes from the immensely popular house of Radaan Media Works India Ltd. It is one of South India's biggest media houses and got renowned for many successful soap operas aired in all the leading languages. The show boasts of a stellar star cast which includes some of the biggest names from the Telugu television world. The series got characterized by the realistic portrayal and lively characters who set the stage for an intense and high impact series. The program got helmed by the acclaimed director Rajeev Prasad. The music has gotten composed by the renowned Dhina.

The story revolves around a man called Viswanatha Raju who hails from an idyllic village of Andhra Pradesh but migrates to Hyderabad in search of better opportunities. He finds an opening in the fledging granite business and manages to grow a vast empire. He got married to a woman named Rajeswari, and the couple gets blessed three children - two sons in addition to a daughter. Both the sons, Kalyan Raju and Madhava Raju begin to assist him in his daily business activities. The daughter got called Mahalakshmi. In spite of getting educated merely till high school, she handles and looks after the day to day functioning of Mahalakshmi Nivasam, their home. Srinivasa Raju worked as a member of the Viswanatha Raju's staff in the early days of the company.

During that time, he impressed Viswanatha Raju a lot by his talent and sheer brilliance. So much so that he even asked him to marry his daughter Mahalakshmi, in spite the protests of his wife against this alliance. She, however, could not do much except for watching and seething in silence. As the story progresses, Viswanatha Raju finds out that his eldest son, Madhava Raju, has gotten involved in shady dealings. He has openly flouted the company’s ethical code. This act of treachery enrages Viswanatha, and he throws his son out of the house. Once he passes away, Srinivasa Raju takes over the company’s operations and runs it as per the values espoused by his father-in-law. Viswanathan's second son, Kalyan Raj, proves to be of a different nature from that of his brother. He has lived the life of a bachelor even when he becomes forty years old and helps. He has developed a close bond with Srinivasa and helps him in every possible way to keep the company profitable.