Telugu Tv Serial Moodu Mulla Bandham

Moodu Mulla Bandha Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Gemini TV launched on 5th August 2013 a new Drama television series. With only one season and 147 episodes broadcasted from Monday to Friday at 7:30PM it became really fast appreciated series in 2013 and the last episode was broadcasted on 21st February 2014. Directed and Produced by Sharma Rashmi with a good actor like Medha, Bahri, Prabhakar, Manilla Shailaya Priya, Vijay, Adash Sharma, Adhiraj, Krishna Geetha, Prasad Rajendra, Raghuram V. And many others, they succeed to create a good series, according the audience and the Gemini TV rating.

The storyline of the Moodu Mulla Bandha follows the life of three couples and also presents the life of married couples and tries to expand the idea of marriage and the importance of marriage. People, who are born somewhere and live after the tradition of respective place, grow up and have to move to a different place and falls in love with another person that also have to respect the tradition and values of his birthplace. They marry and share their love and lives together and try to adapt to new life and respect each other traditions. This kind of story starts conflicts and also tries to make a point about this kind of problems and how can this be solved. It seems like the audience like this sensitive subject and they can express their point of view.