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Telugu Tv Serial Missamma

Missamma Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv
20th November 2011 was the release date for Missamma television Drama serial on Maa TV. It was broadcasted weekly from Monday to Friday at 5:30PM and the last episode was shown on 31st May 2014, the episode with number 689. Due to emotional story, Missamma was a really appreciated Drama serial as the Maa TV said and revealed the ratings data when the serial started at 5:30PM. Being a Maa TV production they chose actors stars like Sneha, Indu, Madhu and many others being directed and by the own Maa TV staff.

The storyline presents the life of a father who loves enormous his little three daughters. Unfortunately his wife died and in this way he had to take the role as a mother for the little daughters. One day the father takes his daughters to the temple for Missamma first birthday when a thief takes Missamma for the gold she owns and then throws her away. Missamma was found by a woman and she was raised into a prostitute house. Missamma changed her name in Akshitha and her life suffers many turnarounds, she started to be blackmailed by a man to marry him in exchange of truth about her parents. All kinds of emotions can be found in this television Drama serial and it became a must watch serial from the first episode.