Telugu Tv Serial Kala Tikka

Kala Tikka Telugu TV SERIALS on ZEE TELUGU

Kala Tikka is a Telugu television soap opera. This television show was launched on 2 November 2015, on the channel Zee Telugu TV. The show timings of this television series are from Monday through to Friday, at 7:00 p.m., on the channel Zee Telugu TV. The direction of this television series looked after by Utkarsh. The telecasting of this series is done by ZEE Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. The brilliant story, which focuses on a very nonsensical societal taboo, is written by Utkarsh Srivastav.

The story of this television soap opera revolves around an astrologer. His name is Vishwaveer Jha. He, along with his family reside in the city of Mithila, which is situated on the banks of the river Ganga. Being an astrologer, Vishwaveer is a very superstitious man. And with the intention to keep his one and only daughter, Gauri, protected and safe, he goes on to adopt another baby girl, who is named Kaali, who has been abandoned. This adopted girl, Kaali, is believed to be Vishwaveer’s actual daughter’s “Kaala Teeka,” which is a symbol of a protective shield that is used to keep away evil energies.

Because of this fact, although both the girls grew up together in the same environment and the same house, Kaali is always mistreated, and she walks through numerous hardships in order to keep Vishwaveer’s actual daughter, Gauri, safe. However, being brought up in such an environment, she grows up to be a very strong personality, in spite of all the heinous situations that surrounded her. Even being subject to a heightened superstition, she shines as a wonderful and a beautiful example of “Hope”. This television show portrays how she stimulates and spreads this ray of hope even in such a society which is surrounded and objected by superstitious practices.

The production company, under whose banner the show is presented is DJ’s Creative Unit.